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Two teams line up at the ATSIAP Challenge Day
​Our two proud and deadly teams enjoying a challenging, enjoyable day at JCU.

​Kelso State School students from Team 2 took out first place in the poetry category of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Aspirations Program (ATSIAP) Junior Student Challenge.

ATSIAP is an aspirant-educational program that has a long and unique history or improving educational outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people in Queensland.  This program has been one of the recognized factors in supporting the retention rates of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.
Aims of the ATSIAP – Junior Student Challenge are:
• To promote individual and group learning, team co-operation and fun whilst learning
• To meet with ATSIAP students from other schools and develop networks across the region
• For students to become more motivated and challenge themselves individually, co-operatively and creatively in academic, social and cultural pursuits
• For students to build confidence and be able to take these skills back to their own school communities
• For students to become more aware of current issues facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
Kelso sent two teams who worked with Miss Budby and Miss Juanita  in the weeks before the challenge to prepare for the following categories : long term problem solving, oral persuasive speech, commercial, quiz, poetry and art.  Team 1 was Nathan, Natalia, Kein and Trinity and  Team 2 was Mercya, Noah, Danzael and Chloe-Jayne. The teachers accompanying our students were so proud of the way they conducted themselves on the day and participated wholeheartedly in each challenge.

Our winning poem: (SAE means Standard Australian English)

Home Talk Is Our Way

Many people cannot understand our speech
Open your mind and we will teach
You say sister, we say tidda
You say brother, we say bala

Some say we don’t speak the right way
Home talk is our only way
You say family, we say mob
You say embarrassed, we say shame job

We are taught to use SAE at school
Learn our language as another tool
You say goodbye, we say yawa
You say cousin, we say cuz

Our language does matter today
Our language is here to stay
You say food, we say kai kai
You say you are very good, we say we are the deadliest!